Organic Urad Whole


For mouth-watering Dosas, Vadas and more. Delectable and highly nutritious, commonly used in culinary preparation like dosa,idli,vada & papad. The original deshi variety cultivated in regions famous for its taste.

Weight : 500 gm

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Organic Urad beans or Black gram is a small black skinned bean that is pale yellow on the inside and has a slightly glutinous texture. It is one of the most highly prized pulses of India. It is extensively used in various culinary preparations like curries and papad. They are highly nutritious. This leguminous pulse has inevitably made itself as the most popular pulse and is available in the form of Whole, Split chilka, & Mogar/Dal.

Our product is free from stones, broken seeds, straw bits, leaf bits and has low seeds moisture for longer storage life. It is rich proteins, starch, carbohydrates and essential vitamins, potassium, calcium making it a perfect combination of all the nutrients. One of the main characteristics of the seed quality is the uniform size and plump seeds. Urad beans is also known to be soothing and cooling agent, the color ranging from dark black to dull grey. It has an unusual mucilaginous texture. It derives its strong, rich, earthy flavor from the black skin and has an uncanny ability to absorb flavor.

Cooking instructions: – The dal needs to be soaked at least for half an hour. 2 ¼ cups of soaking water for every cup of beans. Whole soaked beans will cook in about 45 minutes. Soaked dal should be cooked for around half an hour

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